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For Affiliate Owners

We understand that as an affiliate owner your main focus is on your membership. We also understand that retail adds value for your members and some extra revenue for your business but maintaining a vital retail presence in your box is hard.  Managing inventory, ordering and developing products, creating promotions, and keeping the shop fresh are tasks that can easily fall down on the list of priorities when it comes to all of the things you need to do as a box owner. 

What if you could focus your attention on your priorities and still have a professionally merchandised pro-shop with a proven assortment of products?  What if you had to spend zero time managing that pro-shop and still got all the benefits associated with it?  That’s where United Mettle comes in.  With almost 20 years of retail experience and over 9 years of CrossFit under our belts we are able to take the pain out of retail and offer you and your members a great retail experience.  

Our business model is simple:  You provide the space, we merchandise and manage the shop.  Each month you receive a percentage of the sales revenue.

Here is a sample of the products and brands that we sell:

          • Supplements from Earth Fed Muscle and Ascent
          • Kill Cliff, O2, Fitaid
          • Snacks like RXBAR & Fuel for Fire
          • Victory Grips
          • Knee Sleeves from EXO and Rehband
          • Wrist Wraps
          • Speed Ropes
          • Tape
          • WOD and Done grips
          • Apparel
          • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How much revenue can I expect from my pro-shop?

A - Affiliates receive a percentage of net sales each month as a commission.  each box is different. Factors such as number of members, placement of pro-shop, engagement of coaches, activity of the community, all contribute to the success of the pro-shop.

Q - How much will it cost?

A - We ask that each box pays for the initial build out of the shop.  Meaning the preparation and installation of the slatwall that serves as the basis for the pro-shop.  We ask this for 2 reasons: First, it shows commitment from the box and we share a little of the start-up risk.  Second, the slatwall is bolted to your walls so it's probably best that you own it. The average cost is between $500-$1000 depending on the size of the space.

Q - I sell apparel with my boxes' logo.  Can I continue to do that?

A - Yes!  We know that in many cases selling branded apparel for your box is a nice revenue stream and we want you continue.  You can sell your branded merchandise through our self-check out kiosk or continue to use your own method for taking payment.

Q - Do you have staff to run a check out counter for the pro-shop?

A - No.  We use a self checkout kiosk that accepts credit, Apple pay and Android pay.  We do not take cash though. We do have a fantastic team to keep the pro-shop stocked, fresh and to answer any questions from you and your coaches.

Q - Do people steal from the pro-shop?

A - There will always be some jerk who decides to take something without paying for it but for the 2 years we've been in business we have seem minimal theft.  We see it as a testament to the type of community that has been created through CrossFit.  Oh, and there are cameras. 


- I noticed that you sell via the web too.  Does that factor into the sales commissions for my box?

A - Yes! We provide an affiliate link for each box.  When their members use that link to make purchases from www.umettle.com your box gets credit.


Interested in having a United Mettle Pro-shop in your box?  

Contact us at: info@umettle.com

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