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The United Mettle Story

Rope Climbs…

Rope Climbs can be really intimidating for most people. It’s not something we do, ever, except if you happen to do crossfit or are in the trapeze troupe for Ringling Brothers. The thought of climbing up a rope 15’ in the air can be terrifying. So what on earth makes us do it? What is it that pushes some of us to stare 15’ up at that red mark on the rope with pounding hearts, gasping lungs, a waning grip and go for it! There are a lot of people that would have no parts of that even if they could climb a rope. The answer? Mettle: a person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way. Mettle is what we have. Some of us have it in abundance. Others have it but don’t know it until they’ve been pushed. But we all have it. It’s what unites us as a community. We are United Mettle.

United Mettle was founded by 2 long time friends Joe Comly and Corbin Dunphy. It all started with a need to buy Olympic lifting shoes. When Joe realized that there were no physical places to try on these types of shoes he also realized that there aren’t really any physical stores that sell the type of gear and apparel needed for CrossFit®. Everything was only available on the web. No way to try anything on or test anything out. Lightbulb on. Off we go!

Our mission is to help people become more fit. We will provide them with the information and gear to maximize their fitness and show their mettle.

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