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Secret Stuff - Liquid chalk


Liquid Chalk -   45% Alcohol Secret Stuff &  Alcohol Free Secret Stuff

Cleanest, longest lasting chalk on the market. These are made with our high purity Magnesium Carbonate and settle deep into skin texture for an unmatched grip.

  • Roughly 70 uses per tube
  • Use a dime/nickel sized amount on your hands
  • Let it dry completely: 5-10sec for 45% Alcohol, 30-60sec for Alcohol Free (food starch base)
  • Reduces additional chalking—cleaner you and cleaner gym!
  • Completely eliminates cross contamination
  • Trusted by many of our pro athletes, including   Connor Borkert when he's setting his  666lbs squat PR
  • 45% Alcohol - fast drying and removes impurities on hands with the alcohol
  • Alcohol Free - dries like paint yet washes off easily. Odor free and great for sensitive skin/eczema
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